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    Nel caso tu non sia soddisfatto dal funzionamento di Flash Player sul tuo computer, ti preghiamo di passare alla versione HTML-5 del sito premendo il tasto "rocker".

    Postback not updating bound listbox

    The latter is the behavior used by paper-listbox here, but the former also likely has the same problem.First, it’s worth noting that the only expectations that paper-dropdown-menu has on its dropdown content element (which could be anything, not necessarily a paper-listbox) is that the dropdown content element raise events. So any fix here has to leverage those events if we want to avoid coming up with a new means for the dropdown menu and its content to communicate.The core surprise seems to be that when the items of an , that would resolve this issue cleanly, and might resolve similar issues in others uses of those [email protected] I'd like to pursue a fix in this general direction, but wanted to flag this in case you had other suggestions. I think it’s reasonable to at least provide a reference implementation for how to do that, so I’ve taken a shot here: It’s unfortunate to not fix the underlying problem, but would such a workaround be acceptable? Unfortunately there are more dropdown related issues affecting us.form refresh problem in base Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed Labels populates table cells with database field names, not addresses Insert macro generated text into a textbox?[closed] how to: Form control shows a related field value but actually store the original field value?They make it easier to build webpages that access, display, manipulate, and save data. You use these controls to configure access to data that you intend to use on a webpage.

    Just don't keep this on for longer than you need to cuz it's a performance sink.

    Expected: The displayed "selected" value should change from "hello" to "hola" Actual: The displayed value does not change, and it does not match any of the dropdown contents. This is affecting Chrome's new Settings page, https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail? value should change to "hola" is because that's the first (default) item, not because it corresponds to the position of the previously-selected value. While maintaining selection position might be helpful, in other cases it could induce users to commit data values they didn't expect.

    That is, the desired behavior here should mirror what instance whose children change resets the selection: To me, it feels like a safer default behavior is to reset the selection when items change.

    So it looks like the query is not getting to My SQL. I built the form based on a query rather than on the fields from the table. I have turned on the My SQL query logging and I can see the SELECT as the form loads, but I do not see and UPDATE or ALTER.

    I thought I needed to do that to establish the relationship between the tables. That would explain why it puked when I tried to update modified fields. The primary table holds the keys but the listbox displays the secondary table names. Which makes me wonder is Libre Office is puking before sending the query to My SQL.

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